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Live-Remote Interactive Assistant
To hire an experienced live-interactive assistant from BST Assistants, reach out to us today.  We will help you choose the right assistant for your company.

BST Assistants, LLC provides interactive office services throughout the United States. We offer assistants in various areas of business and specialize in medical and pharmacy prior authorizations. However, our scope of business does not end there. We also have dedicated office assistants for your every need including but not limited to marketing assistants, physician licensing and credentialing assistants, website designers, office assistants, and more. We cut down on your overhead cost by working remotely and saving the need for office space.


BST Assistants, LLC takes pride in our comprehensive interactive assistant services.  Unlike an in-house assistant, an interactive assistant does not require benefits or an office work space.  We are here to work along side you in every aspect all while saving you money.  We work hard to ensure your interactive assistant still seems like part of your staff.  We work for you and with you!  Our vision is to bring the face back to a seemingly computer generated world.


A remote interactive assistant can handle all kinds of tasks.  After contacting your assistant via webcam, messaging, or phone, you can have them:

  • Medical PAs (prior authorizations)

  • Medical precertifications

  • Perform tasks as transcriptionists

  • Handle physician & pharmaceutical credentialing

  • Schedule appointments

  • Schedule travel arrangements (business)

  • Perform duties as an administrative, executive, or legal assistant

  • Handle marketing efforts (social media and calls)

  • Answer phones

  • Manage your bookkeeping, including operating and non-operating accounting

  • Work with QuickBooks

  • Schedule training and business conferences

  • Website design and management

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